How To–Improve Staff Productivity

How To: Improve Staff Productivity

Report Objective:

This report is designed to enable you to analyse till-operating staff productivity metrics to compare individual performance, to identify, reward and emulate your best performers..

Extracting Data from Floodlight:

  1. Log into to your Floodlight Analytics dashboard
  2. Navigate to ‘Floodlight Focus’ in the left sidebar
  3. Select the ‘Build Your Brand’ tab from the top tabs
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Improve Staff Productivity’ report in the ‘Improve Customer Experience’ section
  5. Select the desired Start Date and End Date (e.g. 8 weeks ago and today)
  6. Click the ‘Download CSV’ button
  7. Save the file average_product_sales_qty_by_day_of_week to an appropriate location (e.g. local or cloud drive)

Report Overview:

All staff members with at least one sale in the selected time period will be presented in this report, along with a number of summary statistics.

Row Structure

  • One row per staff member

Description Column Structure

  • staffID: Staff member unique ID oproductID: ID of the product
  • firstName: First name of the staff member
  • lastName: Last name of the staff member
  • fullName: Combination of first + last name of the staff member

Summary Structure

  • totalSales: Total sales value
  • totalUnits: Total unit sales
  • totalOrders: Total number of unique orders processed
  • aveOrderValue: Average order value
  • orderDates: Number of distinct dates for which sales were recorded (i.e. work days)
  • aveSalesPerDay:  Average sales value per distinct date (i.e. sales value per work day)
  • aveOrdersPerDay: Average orders processed per distinct date (i.e. customers served per work day)
  • totalHours: Number of distinct hours for which sales were recorded
  • aveSalesPerHour: Average sales value per working hour
  • aveUnitsPerHour: Average units sold per working hour
  • aveOrdersPerHour: Average orders processed per working hour

How to Use This Report:

Initial Preparation

  1. Apply formatting for readability (optional)
    • Adjust column widths
    • Adjust row height
    • Bold text for top row
    • Format cells: top, centre align and wrap text
  2. Freeze panes to improve viewing experience (optional)
    • Excel:
      1. Click in cell E2
      2. View -> Freeze Panes
    • Google Sheets:
      1. Click in cell D1
      2. View -> Freeze -> Up to Current Row (1)
      3. View -> Freeze -> Up to Current Column (D)
  3. Add filter to report
    • Select columns A-O
    • Data -> Filter

Staff Analysis

  1. Look at some of the performance metrics which you would like to improve (e.g. aveSalesPerHour, aveOrderValue) and sort the column by descending to rank your staff by this metric
    • Click on the down arrow (filter) within the cell header you want to analyse
    • Excel:
      1. Sort Descending
      2. Click anywhere on the screen
    • Google Sheets
      1. Sort Z-A
  2. Identify your best performers in each category and take appropriate action to understand the drivers behind their performance, and how the rest of your team can learn from them

Additional Points to Note

  1. There will typically be different patterns in terms of average sale value and number of customers depending on shift time, however this is still a useful starting point to identify your most effective performers
  2. If using Excel for analysis, remember to save as an Excel file (e.g. xlsx) instead of csv or you will lose formatting and formulae upon saving